I haven’t quite happy about the image quality that our last p/s camera was doing, so we decided to get another Canon PowerShot to add to the list of cameras that i’ve owned over the years. From my first Fuji 1.3mp, to the Minolta Xt, Minolta G400 and the last PowerShot that I lost in Hawaii last year. This one shoots at 12.1mp and can shoot video in HD, so i’m pretty excited to get some good stuff with video and sound. I even shot some random video in the office this morning and with a little editing should be Hi-larious.

I originally want to get the Canon S90 with all its cool manual abilities, but with its price still in the mid $300, i went with the one that cost half the price, plus with an additional battery, case and a free 4gb sd card that comes in under $200. I love amazon and the no tax, no shipping deals, it makes buying things seem like so much of a deal.

1 thought on “New Addition to the Family

  1. I could have sold you my lx3 😉

    image quality of s90 is awesome though but I am sure for a P/S your new canon will do just fine.

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