and were back from camping …

Its been a few years since the last time i was camping and i don’t know why but i wasn’t really super excited to be going. I was actually pleasantly surprised when we arrived only some 10 miles out of Santa Monica surrounded by mountains, and trees. This was the first time also to go camping with a couple pip-squeaks also. The camp ground had really clean bathrooms, showers, warm running water in the faucets, and plenty of squirrels running around. Pretty plush car-camping amenities.

Janelle and Thomas picked out a great campsite, and actually borrowed the table from the campsite next to ours to hinder people from staying next to us. We setup camp and Janelle fired up the stove to make some delicious noodles with shrimp and asparagus. Thomas and i had of course had a bit of trouble getting the bonfire going, until we used the paper towel used to wipe off the shrimp grease to ignite the wood. Once we got the fire going we had a good time showing the kids how to make s’mores and throwing back a few before it was time to go to sleep.

The place looked really familiar and thought it really looked like the the opening scene to M*A*S*H and on the hike there was a sign that said MASH hike, so i was totally right. Too bad it was a little too far to walk with the kids too so i’ll have to come back to check it out. The kids pooped out by the time we got to Century Lake (1 mile in) and the dads had to carry them all the way back to the camp site which was like carrying a 30lb bag of rice.

The nights were cold, and I didn’t really get too much sleep as i had to switch back and forth between sleeping on my back and sleeping on my side. The new tent was pretty nice and i guess i’ll keep them around in case we decide to go camping again in the summer.Good times for sure, but i’m ready for Hawaii now.

Sunday we packed up all our gear and went to have brunch at Duke’s and really enjoyed eating inside, with people cleaning up after us, and not having to worry about cooking.

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