Within the final minute of last night’s Western Conference Finals game 5 Ron Artest went from whipping boy to hero. I have to admit that watching Artest is a crap shoot between brilliant to erratic. At just under the one minute mark he throws up an early three point shot even though at that point in the game he was shooting just 1-8 or 1-9, but at the last second when Kobe threw up an air ball with just 3.4 seconds left in the game, Artest muscles up for the rebound and quickly puts the shot up with fractions of seconds left in the game. At times he’ll be a defensive genius to obviously playing his own game offensively.

Its a far different feeling from last year when he and Kobe got into it, and this year they’re all hugs and cheers. When he originally signed with the Lakers last offseason i was pretty excited, but i knew that it may have been a year or two late, and if you’ve watched any games when he’s driven to the basket it looks like he’s got ankle weights on his feet when gets off the ground. I’m surprised when ever he actually gets high enough to dunk (which he barely gets too).

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