Better than expected, but so much potential left behind.

My original goal for running the Santa Monica 10k was at 1:10 minute. I blew that number away coming in a good six minutes under that time. Although i’m happy with the time, i wonder what my time would’ve been if my knee decided not to give out at mile 3, and made me take some extended walking breaks to give it a rest. At least midway through mile 5 i sucked up the pain and just started sprinting to catch up with Joy who i made go without me, and a made last 100 yard dash to cross the finish line.

At least I got another race shirt to add to my collection, and got to try out a few things at the expo. I never would’ve known that i’m ok drinking the myoplex vanilla drink since i typically can’t drink those protein shakes. Of course since they were free i took a few extra home for later use.

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