This weekend was pretty much a wash for me. Starting at the middle of last week my kitchen sink has been on the fritz so we haven’t been able to cook, or even get a glass of water without having to think twice about it. After a few attempt by myself and my neighbor snaking the drain ourselves, the drain finally (i think) got cleared out on Saturday night. I’ve never been so happy to dishes in my life.

I was also a bit careless driving on Friday and happened to make a turn into a drive a little too soon, and popped my tire, and when i took my car to get its alignment fixed, i found out i actually bent some metal pieces connected to the wheel. Whoops, that was a nice $400 mistake. It happens and i now will never speak ill of anyone’s bad driving decisions.

All the while Joy’s been sick all week, and finally Sunday we decided to go to the doctors to get it checked out, but of course the doctor basically said that she’s just sick and there wasn’t anything to do but wait it out.

At least we did make it out of the house Saturday night and went to Chik-fil-a for dinner and caught the early evening showing of kick-ass but found it rather slow, and just semi-funny. It might have been due to two “kids” making so making comments and really annoying laughs. I felt kinda bad when Joy said she thinks that one of them were a little developmentally delayed.

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