At least i finished and got our wedding book printed before the anniversary of our Cerritos reception. 34 pages of memories from the Hawaii wedding, Maui Honeymoon, and Cerritos reception. It was a good first run with Blurb, and if i had to do it over i would have made it bigger in size and in page count. The 10×8 format is feeling a little small, but at least the full bleed images have a new clear resolution to them, and the silk paper that i splurged on is quite nice. As a wedding book to come in under $50 a print it is definitely a good alternative if you have the time, and a little creativity rather than spending the money for the photographer to make your book. I’m still thinking of redoing the book all together now that i know i can probably add in an additional 40 or so pictures that i left out the first round.

Here are some of my tips if you decide to make your own book.

  1. Have a theme to work with, whether it be chronological, random, or off focus.
  2. Take a lot of location, object and environmental shots to add to the festiveness of the event.
  3. Filter out the photos that you know just isn’t quite relevant to the book that you’re making.
  4. Don’t filter out similar shots, because shots at a different angle, or color can add a bit of depth when laid out next to each other.
  5. Captions, quotes, or event itinerary can add to the flow of the content
  6. Always look out for coupon codes!

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