Joy signed us up to run the Santa Monica 10k coming up in a few weeks, and we’ve been training for a few weeks now. We also had to buy some new shoes because the ones that i was using made my knee hurt because they were neutral shoes and i guess still need a little help with my overpronation. I was originally just going to spend the excessive cash and buy the Asics Gel Kayanos which normally cost $140, but they running store guy said that i should try these Nike Lunarglide+ which are suppose to adjust depending on how your foot steps down. They’re super light shoes and i can’t really tell what they’re doing but now that we’ve ran a few 2-4 mile runs my legs are feeling great.

I haven’t done any long runs since i crashed the Nike Women’s SF run, so this six mile race should be a good length for me now. The santa monica route is actually one that i’m pretty familiar with since we basically did this route when we used to live in santa moinca. Now its just time to get up to 5 miles by next weekend then i’ll be ready for it on May 16.

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