This week was a milestone in my little car. Eight years ago my family sat inside the Honda dealership in Cerritos on my 23rd birthday to replace my Acura Integra at the time. Its amazing that it took me this long to reach 100,000 miles considering after the first year I drove over 22,000 miles and hit 40,000 after two years. The car is still running strong and i still appreciate how much crap i can carry in it. The question now is what to do next. Should i keep it and just continue to drive it until it has nothing left, or is time to get the $5,000 – $6,000 that suggests that i can get? Its definitely been nice not having a car payment for the past five years, and i don’t really care to have another one. I’m sure that the car will last for another 100,000 miles, but i just don’t know how much its going to end up costing me having it last that long. Then again if this car can keep me from having to buy another car for an additional 10 years then the choice is pretty obvious.

It doesn’t mean that i haven’t been looking, but Joy’s eye has been on the Acura RDX, and now that Pish got his new toy car research has officially begun. Its just always good to have a little knowledge in your back pocket just in case you happen to be at a dealership and actually know if the dealer is giving you a good deal or just a good deal of BS.

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