When i saw the title to this week’s No Reservation: Techniques i knew instantly that it was going to be an awesome with a bit of humor, lots of cussing and plenty of tips for the kitchen. The show did not disappoint with lessons from making an egg to a roast chicken (by Thomas Keller) and of a beef bourguignon that joy’s been interested in doing since watching Julie & Julia. I know i’ve got a lot of work with my knife skills, but i haven’t had a major accident in a really long time, just make sure you don’t watch when i’m in the kitchen or else you might get too scared.

Every weekend has the inevitable question of what are we eating this week. It goes beyond the weekend meals, but basically every meal from breakfast to dinner. This week our menu is rotating between asian and american and back again. Also thrown in between Joy decided to make some banana bread, and some keylime pie this this evening. We’re always looking for recipes to dishes we know that have a simple recipes, and don’t have many or any pre-made ingredients.

  1. Kimchi fried rice with bulgogi (pre-marinated from Freshia)
  2. Blackend Tilipia with asparagus
  3. Rad Nar
  4. BBQ Chicken (marinating as we speak)
  5. Soba with Shrimp Tempura

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