When it was all said and done for our 36 hours of vegas fun, I ended up drinking for some 20 hours straight. It all started at the airport waiting for our flight at 6:30am, and ended with a bottle of vodka at 1am. It was one of the best vegas trips ever, with no stress, just a constant buzz, and plenty of things to do. We ate at the Wynn lunch buffet (weak) with unlimited mimosas for $7, and the waitress gave us the rest of the bottle to go in coffee cups. We hung out at the pool for a few hours, picked up some mini jack bottles for the room, but out of everything did not have one drink at Bouchon for dinner. We ended the night at XS just hanging out at the Pool.

Sunday i woke up without the slightest tingle of a hangover, but was completely ruined for drinking a touch of alcohol for at least a week. We went out to the trade show, and just walked around a bit before we realized we were of complete uselessness to even try to talk to anyone so we left to get some Korean beef tang soup, and kill a few hours at the new City Center on the south side of the strip.

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