Mini Marathon

Joy signed us up to run the Santa Monica 10k coming up in a few weeks, and we’ve been training […]


Sleeping in new heights

This weekend our tax return money finally got deposited into our bank account so Sunday we spent the afternoon walking […]


WORK’ing in Vegas

This weekend I’m headed to vegas for a little R&R and to do a little work. Jonathan, Thomas and I […]


un-Kick Ass weekend

This weekend was pretty much a wash for me. Starting at the middle of last week my kitchen sink has […]


The Wedding Book

At least i finished and got our wedding book printed before the anniversary of our Cerritos reception. 34 pages of […]


UYE Basketball

UYE (Unofficial Yelp Event) Basketball. One of the thing that i’ve never really taken apart of were UYE events that […]


Home Cookin’

When i saw the title to this week’s No Reservation: Techniques i knew instantly that it was going to be […]