Tonight i finally finished making our wedding photo album. At least i made it within a year to do it, and coming in under $40 seems like a steal. I used the online store and their layout software to create a 34 page hard bound book with sleeve using photos from my photographer in hawaii along with my sister’s and friend esme’s photos.

It took me so long because i initially didn’t narrow down the photos i really wanted to use, and ended up being overwhelmed by the 100+ page book i was going to end up with. So this time i around i sorted through most of the photos, removing all the ones that just weren’t right, or were a duplicate of another. I kept things simple and included the photos that really spoke to us and the events. It should be done in about a week, so i’m crossing my fingers that all the pictures come out clearly and in the right color. If not, i guess i can just make another one.

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