Ever since my visit to the doctors three weeks ago, i’ve been pretty good with my diet. I’ve been eating a lot of brown rice, and fish, but the little fatty in me screamed very loudly last night for a hamburger which i haven’t had since the doctor’s visit. It didn’t help that Joy originally was the one who said that she wanted a burger. So last night we broke down and went to the Habit for a Teriiyaki/Pineapple Hamburger with an order of onion rings to go along with it. It was sooooo good, but i don’t know if it was because i was craving it, or because i was just starving. I’ve been also going into work early so that i can get off early enough to get in a mile run before eating. I’m actually down to around 140 pounds, even though i want to put on a little weight, but i guess really i want to put on a little muscle. Time to start lifting weights to go along with the cardio.

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