After a saturday of drafting fantasy baseball teams, and generally just a lazy day as a whole I needed to get out. Since the sun decided to come out this day we headed up for a Santa Monica beach run which we haven’t done since we lived there. The air was a bit dry, and the boardwalk quite crowded, but we managed to get in our planned distance and i wore Joy’s knee brace which made my knee not hurt after the run.

We finished our run and we headed to the SM Farmers Market, and for once actually bought some produce. We’ve been there a bazillion times before but never carried enough cash to do any major shopping, but this time i pre-planned it and we did some grocery shopping. I’m still not that sure if i could even tell the difference with “farmer fresh” or organically grown, but i’m hoping so because it does cost a little bit more than the neighborhood Ralph’s. We picked up some yellow, white and orange carrots ($1.5/lb?), bok choy($1), asparagus($2.5),  and  some smoked jack cheese ($5).

Later in the afternoon we drove back down south to Jonathan’s house to pick up our bikes which leave in his garage, and biked down through Manhattan Beach, to Hermosa Beach where its like a frat party every afternoon. The beach is never as crowded as Huntington Beach, or Santa Monica Beach, and the bars are just off the sand so it never feels like such a distance if you need a drink or pee. We laid our for an hour just relaxing, and eventually packed up to go grab some beers at Hennessey’s. Jonathan joined us, and amazingly the bike back home wasn’t as bad as it has been in the past, but probably because we took it easy riding back, and didn’t try to race each other up the hills.

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