This weekend brought a lot of sports into my life, more than i would have expected. My NCAA bracket got destroyed i assume along with everyone else with Ohio St. getting knocked out of the tournament and the only number one seed left being Duke.

Saturday morning i spent drafting my the first fantasy baseball team of the season while drinking a beer which i think helped out my choices, and followed that up by drafting another team this morning, and auto-drafting another team this evening. I think my teams rounded out pretty well, and i actually tried to do some pre-draft strategy by taking in account the winning scores of the previous seasons in an excel document and tried calculating what types of players i would need to win a league this year. I also made sure to draft the same players in multiple leagues so i wouldn’t have to worry about keeping track of so many players.

Joy also signed us up both for the Santa Monica 10k in May, while at the same time planned  to run the SF Halfathon in July. The last couple halfathon i’ve ran didn’t leave my body in the best shape, so i’ll probably skip the halfathon and just go play golf with my uncle in San Jose. At least we’re already up to two miles, so only 66% left to train for, but my knee has been acting up lately so i’ve had to warm up much more than i would normally, and wearing joy’s knee brace seemed to help also today.

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