Tonight we leave to San Francisco and  drive to South Lake Tahoe tomorrow morning. This was the first time i had to pack snowboard gear for two people, and actually have to worry about oversized check-in fees. Before airlines started charging for check-ins we would never worry about such things, but now its a major concern with companies charging between $20-$50 per bag. I originally picked flying Southwest for the non-fees but after going through the site, its going to cost me an additional $50 to bring aboard my snowboard case. Thankfully i was able to stuff two boards, two bindings and most of our bulky clothing into the bag and keep it under 50lbs.

The plan is for now to drive up to Tahoe on Saturday and just hang out, ride at Kirkwood on Sunday, and a morning session at Sierra before driving back to San Francisco. Tahoe was suppose to be snowing all through the week, but i guess it was lazy and is going to roll in this weekend making for some awesome skiing conditions and even worser driving conditions. Hope i remember how to put on chains.

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