This year’s snowboard vacation wasn’t as intense as the past few years, but it was twice as relaxing. No morning rush to get up and dressed, or massive hike up some treacherous mountain side. It was just a casual ride down the mountain with some drinking on the side. Joy still had some learning to do, so i spent a lot of time falling on my ass as well. I did get in a few fast torrid trips down with Nina, but overall the two half days were a nice farewell to snow.

I’m happy we got to explore a little more too by checking out the Jelly Belly Factory so that we could pick up some Belly Flops, and some more good food in SF. I got to try the tasty fried crab that was shown on No Reservations SF edition, some Chicken and Waffles in the back alley, and an awesome bourbon and cornflake ice cream cone.

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