My current bike sounds like i’m crunching on corn flakes because my spokes are loose, and the bike hasn’t been tuned up in two years so its probably not running as smoothly as it could. Due to its age i was thinking that it might be time to look into getting another bike to supplement my 20″ bmx.

Originally i was debating about getting a single speed road bike because of the SE Draft Lite which comes in around $250.00, but after doing some research it seems to be a eventual crappy bike. With the possibility of a 6 mile commute i figure it might be worth it to get a larger wheel diameter.

Then the single speed culture just gets on my nerve so then i switched my attention on a 24″ bmx bike since its a larger version of my 20″ and would be a smoother transition. The larger wheels and riding height would increase comfort while the size would still allow me to do some curb jumping and try other small tricks.

After doing some more research its going to cost me over $500, so now i’m looking at just fixing and upgrading my current bike. Hopefully that’ll keep the costs under $150. The question now is do i keep adding new parts to such an old bike, or just shell out a more money for a complete new bike.

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