I’m not one for catching many shows on tv now that my DVR is filled up with The Office and Futurama, but tonight the tv just so happened to be on American Idol that lead into Fox’s new mystery show Past Life. I’m not one really to get into dramas, but if i happen to watch one from the beginning i’ll stick it out to the end to see where they go with it. So i gave Past Life a chance with its déjà vú/reincarnation plot line, but in the end it really did just feel like déjà vú. The characters seemed so cliché and the plot in the end came together oh so nicely it should have been wrapped in a red bow and the character’s own dark past be revealed without having to be dragged on through eight more episodes.

Maybe they could’ve made the “ethnic” guy play the lead male role versus playing the “scientist” role, and had the white girl with the texas accent be the skeptic sidekick there to help solve the mysteries. Wait, they already had a show like that called Monk. This must be why i’m just watching reruns of Avatar, and MASH.

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