The NBA trade deadline finally passes with a flurry of deals that ends up making the rich richer, the poor with more cap space and some surprising moves for some secondary teams. This time of year is the funnest during the regular season because it gives hopes and lets people dream of the possibility of the ultimate since Batman and Superman. I know around the office there was constant fervor about what the Lakers were going to do (trading bynum, sasha, even kobe) and what the lesser teams were going to do to clear cap space to get ready for this summer’s free agent list of LaBron, Wade, Bosh, Boozer, Amare, and plenty of other all stars hitting the open market. You have to get excited for what can be.

From Bill Simmons (@sportsguy33)

Official LBJ Sweepstakes: Cavs, Bulls, NYK (favs); Mavs, Clips (sleepers); NJ, Mia, Hou, LAL(longshots). And so it begins.

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