Joy’s 30 @Boulevard3 02.20.2010

Joy is creeping up on the three decade mark this week and so we celebrated with her friends on Saturday night in Hollywood. Joy and no faith in my abilities to plan her party, but i pulled in through behind her back. After a few days of checking on where to go, i booked bottle service at Boulveard3  and it turned out great. We had a big space next to the dance floor and the hosts were very attentive except for the time when i was going to buy another bottle, but ended up not getting it because they weren’t to be found. The host even said that if Joy needed to use the restroom that he would escort her if it was busy.

The place is nice and wide open and felt like a nice vegas club, and the best thing was that they served tacos for free, and had a chocolate fruit dipping table too. Nothing like being able to snack on something while getting hammers. An interesting point was that they had some go-go dancers as with most clubs, but they actually had guys dancing on stage too which i thought was actually nice because it brought a little more to the place. I didn’t know who the guy was but i guess one of the judges to “so you think can dance” also did a little diddy up on stage too.

Tuesday i have Joy’s last surprise with a dinner location to kick off her thirties.

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  1. I feel so loved emotionally but physically not so good. Time to go on a 6 month diet and exercise plan!

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