The office has been on a Food Truck hunt for the past two days for lunch. I’ve stumbled upon a few trucks in the wild but this is the first time we actively searched out for the craze of 2009. If you don’t know what its all about it started off with a Korean chef getting a typical Roach Coach and hitting the road with his own version of Korean Tacos. They get the word out of their locations by word of mouth and by 2009’s other biggest trend twitter. Now besides Korean tacos you can get sushi, cupcakes, frozen lemonade, grilled cheese sandwiches, fries, and even buttermilk biscuits.

Yesterday the office headed out to get the tacos that started it all Kogi. The line was about 15 deep by the time we got there, but finally the office got their tofu/kimchi burritos and korean short rib tacos. I passed on the food as i’ve been there done that already. I really should’ve stopped at the NomNom truck for a banh mi sandwich, but being on a financial diet stopped me from ruining my turkey sandwich waiting for me in the office.

Today I wasn’t so strong with holding out for my Dorritos because the IndiaJones truck was in the area and i’m always in the mood for some Indian food. I was super excited when i saw the menu and saw that they had roti hand rolls of lamb, chicken, or cheese. It was pretty tasty and i knew i had to bring Joy some home for her to eat too.

You would always think that the food coming out of these trucks would be cheap but in reality not so much. Each roll was $3.50, while other trucks sell a single taco for $2.00. You would really expect to be paying a buck per meal, but these guys are real tricky.

If you’re interested in checking a bunch of food trucks in one location there’s an event this weekend in Downtown LA where you can check them out here.

2/18/10 – Be thankful if you missed out on the event because as expected it was totally unorganized and waits lasted up to three hours! (I personally didn’t go because i knew this would happen)

If you’re looking for an adventure and want to catch one in the wild my favorite list that was made by a previous yelp community organizer. The LA Food Truck List.

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