The final surprise that i had for Joy’s birthday was a RSVP at Hatfields who recently took over the Red Pearl Kitchen location. Earlier this month i got word from twitter that they had just opened so i just on and made rsvp for two.

They kept the big window into the kitchen, and we had front row seats to watch what all the chefs were up to.  Sometimes you forget of how much of an experience eating like this, because each course is presented so nicely, and even with just four courses (plus an amuse bouche, and extra chocolate at the end) takes two hours to finish. By the time we were done we were both pretty sleepy.

We each got the prix fixe menu so that we could sample all the choices that they were offering on their seasonal menu. Everything tasted great but the highlights of the night were the:

Pan Roasted Sea Scallops

Charred Japanese Mackerel

Horseradish Dusted Short Ribs

Keylime Pie

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