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Since the death of Michael Jackson i’ve been waiting for Disneyland to re-release Captain EO because what money minding corporate entity would let this golden opportunity slip by? On Tuesday Disneyland finally opened Captain EO back in its original glory plus a little extra. The 80s were in full effect, and i really felt like i need to go buy a T&C t-shirt and maybe some LA Gear sneakers.

Last night i drove down to Cerritos after work because my mother wanted to take Joy out for her birthday and since it was the only night it wasn’t suppose to rain we thought it would be just good timing to go to the park. We got there about an hour and a half before closing (8pm) and were the one of the first to get seated to what was almost a completely packed house. People cheered when the lights went down, chuckled when MJ tried to sound tough, and i got a little teary eyed when the music started to go.

Michael Jacksons’s talking voice still king of gives me the creeps as it did when i was kid, but man his singing voice and dance moves really brought back memories. The funniest part of watching it now that i’m older is that how crazy the animation sequences and and the special effects were made back then, but how much i appreciate it more now.

Thanks to the 15 minute 3D experience i wont be seeing any of the new movies in 3D because i had such a hard time focusing with the glasses, and i think if i went to see Avatar in 3D i would be puking by the end of it.

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