Robin’s daughter Katelyn celebrated her first year on earth on Saturday. There were plenty of kids roaming around and even more costco food on the table to eat. Katelyn got her first taste of sugar/frosting/cupcake and she loved it so much to wiped it all over her face. Joy and I got plenty of sweets and dino-buddies in our stomach then headed out to Disneyland.

I was hoping that it would be raining, but it happened to be a completely clear night out. They did announce that due to the “bad weather” the park was going to close early. It didn’t really matter because the park was so empty we were able to basically walk onto any ride without a wait. I forgot how cool of a ride Peter Pan was, because there’s always a long line for that ride, but i also remember being much longer of a ride.

On the way home from disneyland we stopped by the Gardena Bowl for some late night Hawaiiann Food. We shared an awesome plate called the Hawaiian Royal that is char siu pork, Portuguese sausage, scrambled in egg, all topped with some teriyaki sauce. That some great hang over food, or non-hang over food too.

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