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Since i turned 30 i figured that i should go see the doctors to get a physical and see where i stand in life. I initially thought that i would try to fake the funk and eat healthy for the two weeks leading up to the exam but at the last minute i went all out with a bit of a bacon fest the weekend before so that i could get a real time status of my health.

Overall the doctor said i was fine, but probably could use some more exercise and just to watch what i eat. Well after the blood work came back looks like i’m just like the rest of my family with the dreaded high cholesterol (not surprising). I really don’t think i eat THAT bad at a constant rate, but i guess its possible that the concentration of the fat that i ingest at times could be dangerously high. Something about cooking with bacon fat had to be the end of me. As bad as it may stand, i don’t have any regrets and i enjoyed every bite of it.

Now we’ve got plenty of frozen salmon and vegis in the refrigerator, but plenty of other foods that still need to be cooked up.  I’ll be expecting plenty of brown rice and greenies from now on, and thank goodness for Trader Joe’s microwavable brown rice, or else i would never eat it. Any other helpful suggestions would be gladly accepted.

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  1. I totally agree with you on the brown rice. Trader Joes Brown Rice is the shiat!!! I wonder if every 30 year old male goes thru this routine when after receiving poor results on their physical examination. i.e. loads of fish and veggies in the freezer, eating better, etc. To this day.. I still have frozen healthy food that I purchased after my doctor’s results sitting in the fridge with scars of freezer burn… Oh the 30s.. wonder what the 40s has in store for us…

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