Just as predicted this year was one for the ages, but much less about pop culture, and so much more about personal benchmarks. Sure there were a few high points in the media, with the Lakers coming back to championship form, and a few movies that i really enjoyed, but in all there isn’t really that much to talk about. Music seemed to take a nose dive, i seem to be falling back to all my old TV shows, and all the vampire books and movies made me realize i’m so much more of a zombie person.

As for my personal life, things got rolling quickly and just kept on rolling until the very end of the year. With just a few quick months to confirm everything, the wedding went off perfectly. The honeymoon in Maui reminded me of how peaceful life can be if you really just enjoy what you can. Then three quick weeks afterwards we celebrated with the rest of our friends and family in Cerritos.

In the summer we did our normal trip up to SanFran to hang out with Nina to drink some wine. In November finally got to show Joy around Gotham City. I think it makes watching shows that takes place in New York. Five days were a lot, but probably not enough to still get everything done.

To end the year off Joy and I purchased our very first home to start off our lives together. With our house warming happening just a few weeks ago its nice to have a location where we can host get togethers, and cook and make a mess of our very own.

This coming year is a complete mystery as so many things happened last year that my mind has gone completely blank. All i can think of is that i need to make some goals, some lists, and of course keep a record of everything that happens.

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