With all the storms this past week, it was inevitable that the mountains got completely dumped on. A few friends invited me out to the mountains on Saturday, but i had a bad feeling about the day so i decided not to go, even though i know that the day would be epic. I was right on both ends, as Ben informed me that Mt. High was spectacular, and Emily got turned around after four hours of driving up to Snow Valley.

So i got the itch and packed up the car last night, and headed out to Mt. High at six in the morning. The drive was quick to the 15, but the drive from the freeway to the resort was actually a killer 2 hours, with some crazy bumper to bumper as it just seemed to be a slow process to get everyone into the parking lot.

It was a real test in patience as i’m not the best teach out there, but eventually i got Joy away from the falling leaf and doing some S-turns, even it was at a really slow pace. We both figured out it was just best for me to get off my board and just guide her down the trail on foot. She took a few practice tries holding hands but soon got off the leash and made it down the trail with only a few falls.

Too bad the drive back matched the drive up, and it took another three hours to get home and nurse our wounds.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear that your friend got turned away from Snow Valley, I guess safety issues caused most of the resorts to close down. It seemed like EVERYONE was heading up to the slopes that day, but I heard the power shut down at most of the resorts so few people actually got to snowboard :(! If you want you can check out Snow Valley and you can use the 50% off lift ticket coupon. It might make the long drive seem worth it with all the money you save!

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