With no real plans for new years, I ended up hanging out with Ben and Tiffany for the 3rd out of the last four years. Tiffany cooked up some tasty risotto, and we baked up a couple dozen cookies. I ended up taking a nap for about an hour, and thankfully i wasn’t the only one who ended up closing their eyes for a few minutes. Joy woke me up about 30 minutes beforehand and we gave a real uninspiring hoorah, and promptly left to go home.

New Years day was spent doing laundry and going out for dinner with the parents.

Saturday the sun really decided to come out, and blistered some 83° heat, and the water looked really tempting for the second of the year. I really felt the itch to go out, so Jonathan, Joy, and I went out to Hollywood to meet up with Roland  and we actually stayed out past midnight. We started out by having dinner at the Bowery, a gastropub that really reminds me of a New York eatery. For drinks we went to Burgundy Lounge (previously Jimmy’s Lounge) where Jonathan kept complaining about the lack of pretty girls out, and Joy had fun remembering her old moves on the playground twirling around the pole setup outside. I really over did it that night, and lets just say that my bacon wrapped didn’t stay down for long.

Sunday i realized that the Happiest Place on the Earth isn’t the best place for a hangover. With all the lights, sounds and noise of the crowds really went straight to the temple of my brain. We made it a short day to do the grocery shopping for the week, and rest up for the upcoming work week. I really enjoyed my days off but its time to get back to work, and make some money.

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