Saturday was the main event of the weekend, and Joy and i worked all day and night to get everything right for our official house warming. We started the night before cooking the rice, and prepping for all the dished we had planned out to serve the next day. I was in charge of making the spam and mushroom musubi with a cool little rice molder i got from marukai, pear and onion pizza, while joy baked purple (ran out of red food coloring) velvet cupcakes, spinach and artichoke dip, and a delicious pork belly buns, reminiscent of the ones i had at momofuku, NY.

Friends and family filled the condo to near capacity, and flowed in and out all night. There were kids watching movies, parents hanging out, and friends enjoying the eats and drinks. Everyone with kids eventually left by 9 while the rest stayed and played with the wii and found out how fat (or obese) they were on our wii fit, and then spent the rest of the night figuring out how to cheat on the balance board games. Now all our stats are thrown off due to the unsportsmanlike conduct. Eventually i had to kick the rest out because i was going to pull my classic move of just falling asleep in the middle of everything.

There is no greater feeling of being around close friends and family doing nothing but spending time with each other. Thanks again to all that were able to make it out and spending some quality time with us.

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  1. so bummed my evite got lost in the holiday shuffle. we gotta schedule something soon to tour our places. maybe february?

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