This weekend we ventured out into the crowds and actually went to South Coast Plaza, and Disneyland/California Adventure on Saturday. Surprisingly South Coast wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be and had an actual easy time finding parking, and making it into the crowds.Joy and I took my parents for lunch at Lawry’s Cutlery and i finally figured out that i could just tell them what my Lawry’s VIP number was, and got my points for the meal. Which incidentally pushed me over the 250 point mark so that i will be getting my $25 gift certificate in the mail sometime soon.

At night Joy and I went to California Adventure to go on a few rides and i learned i still do not like Ferris wheels, especially the one at Disneyland because of the tilting factor that makes me feel like i’m just going to be launched into the air. I just don’t have it in me anymore to do stuff like that. Disneyland was super crowded, and had people walk backstage when the parade was over so that main street wasn’t super crowded, and i got to show Joy where wardrobe was, the break room, and the In Between cast member restaurant. It brought back many memories.

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