December means its time to stop working out, veggie’ing out, and nights of gatherings. Tuesday night Yelp had a holiday party at Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach (thankfully). The free drinks, snacks and of course the cupcakes were awesome.

I really can’t stand most of the Yelp elites, they’re as self-centered, and bitchy as you can expect from people who get off on either RAVING, or completely trashing places of business. Although there were a few cool people i’ve meant, but nothing worth mentioning.


A few weeks ago one of our clients invited us to their company holiday party that was pretty fancy from what we originally thought in our heads. We were expecting maybe 20-30 people and some snacks, but it ended up being maybe around 50 people, that was completely catered by a restaurant, with a bartender, and even live music. They even held a toy drive for some of the local schools around the area. I guess we know what to plan when we’re a grownd up company and have some extra cash.

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