Halloween is here, and Jonathan requested that we all go to Vegas to celebrate. Joy and I ended up driving there because we really don’t have any spare cash at the moment, but actually had a pretty good time driving there and having a car in the city for once. I really always liked the Alice in Wonderland outfit, and Joy enjoyed putting on the blond wig making the entire costume. I of course had to match up and went as my version of the White Rabbit in my ghetto style of course.


Unfortunately Jonathan also decided to bring along his sickness with him for the trip. He was a trooper the first night going out with everyone to Tao and then going out after that to Lavo to hang out with a few other friends. The next day he paid the price and was out of commission for the rest of Saturday.

Saturday i wasn’t feeling the greatest either, and after checking Facebook i found out the rest of the office is sick too. I still made it out to have brunch at Bouchon for their Chicken & Waffles, French Toast, and mini donuts with nutella. The rest of the group went out shopping, and i stayed in to rest. For dinner we drove miles and miles south to the M Hotel for their Buffet Dinner of Prime Rib, Crab Legs, blah blah … and FREE wine and beer! All of this for only $25.00, and they were serving Coors Light.


Everyone was pretty bummed that Jonathan was staying in for the night, especially the people who arrived Saturday but we made the most of it as most of us went back to Tao. It was a real struggle for me to get pass midnight as we started drinking at 9:00pm, but made it all the way til 2:00am.


Ben & Tiffany weren’t allowed into the club with their costumes so they went out to TI, and got Second Place in their costume contest and won $700! If you can’t figure out what they are, check this out.

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