Slowly but surely we’ve been moving stuff from my parents house to the new place. Last night we moved all of our wedding presents from the attic to the new place and unpacked all of it. Thanks again for everyone that gave us presents to for our wedding as it was the first time that we actually saw what we got exactly. We even realized that we accidentally bought stuff that we were given, because we couldn’t remember what we kept and what we returned. So now we have to go back to Crate & Barrel to exchange it for other stuff. We seriously have a ton of kitchen stuff which makes up probably more than half of what we actually have to move.

While we’ve moved most of the small stuff, this weekend i’ll be depending on my friends to help me move our few large items. Not looking forward to that part, but then we’ll be all moved in and ready to have people over. Except for our couch which is possibly another week away.

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