54 days after our initial offer, Joy and I have purchased our first home to call our own. We will soon be proud residence of a two bedroom one bath condo in the city of Gardena. It wasn’t exactly the first place we went looking for a home, but after failing in Cerritos, and checking out a few places in Long Beach we expanded our search further west. Gardena was the spot that happened to be within our price range, and was close enough to the beach and a few friends that made the place an acceptable place to take up residence. It also works out for both of us as its exactly in the middle between both our work places and now i should only have a 45 minute drive instead of 1.5 hours.

This weekend was all about cleaning and getting rid of the old carpet and replacing it with some fake wood floors. The plan is to move in this weekend, as long as the couch we ordered comes in sometime this week.

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