Joy and I got rid of a TON of stuff when we moved out of the Santa Monica apartment, so we’ve had to go out and purchase a lot of things that we tossed, and being the cheapskate i did a lot of comparison shopping. Here is my list of places to get stuff at.

  1. Ross – Check here first for random household items that you need, like bathroom floor mats, yoga mats, table place mats, door mats, nose hair trimmers, and shower curtains.
  2. Bed Bath & Beyond – 20% off or $10 off of $30ish coupons for most name brand stuff. We picked up a new dual shower head that was priced at $29.99 and they let us use the $10 off of $30 coupon without hesitation.
  3. IKEA – Rugs and Frames. Still the only place where you can get large frames for under $20 each, and large rugs for under $100.
  4. Amazon.com – For your big ticket items, like electronics and cooking machines, there’s nothing better than getting it tax free with free shipping and usually for a slight discounted price. You do need patience and maybe some free time for deliveries.
  5. Walmart – I’m personally a bigger fan of Target, but when you need to penny pinch, Walmart tends to be slightly cheaper. i.e. Glade Candle $2.23 vs. $2.50.

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