Noah turns two in a few weeks, but the Wangs decided to throw him an early bitthday party to have a pumpking carving party as well. I’ve had my arms elbow deep in pumpkin goo plenty of times before so i didn’t really feel like getting messy this time around. So i made myself useful by manning the grill and cooking up all the meat, and did a pretty good job. Its pretty crucial to be next to the grill the entire time because just a little time away can make things really go awry. Especially since i guess Jonathan has never really cleaned off the gas burners from a few past bbq’s and one of his friends mentioned that he basically melted down a bbq because he never cleaned his either. So right when he said that the flare ups began and i had to pay extra attention that the real firemen wouldn’t have to show up.

It was interesting because Joy, Ben, and I were the only people there without a kid in hand, so there were a lot of questioning going on as everyone had their hands full with their little ones. It was a pretty smooth day with all the kids, until the very end when one little girl puked up what looked like a gallon of milk all over her mom.

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