Its no surprise that with the new TV, i’ve been watching quite a bit of it with the new fall lineup and NFL back on the boob tube. Watching football in HD is basically what i’ve been waiting for, even if i’m not that much of a die hard fan that i have to be on the couch from morning till night on Sunday (not that i haven’t before) but just catching any game just looks amazing. Plus with the NBA season just around the corner i’ll be quite content watching the game from home, and not needing to go to the game, because like football, you’ll definitely have a better seat.

While i’ve enjoyed a few new shows like Flash Forward, and Trauma, i’ve had to witness a few other things that just make me cringe or feel like the TV is sucking the life out of me. The biggest culprits so far have been watching JaMarcuss Russell of the Oakland Raiders throw a ball, and watching the Hills on MTV. Those things just kill me, and i don’t understand how anyone thinks either is good. The Raiders really need to start running the option with Russell if they have any hope of salvaging a #1 pick because i think i can throw better than him. As for the hills, it pains me how scripted the show is, and how much each person makes per episode. Please, will somebody realize that these people need to be put in their place, and get taken off of TV unless its for Skinimax.

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