Its amazing just having the right lens how much different your photos can come out. I spent the day with my Canon Xt equipped with my new 50mm 1.8f lens and took shots everywhere i went. I’m still learning how to shoot, and to just keep on shooting. I need to find a subject that i like, and shoot twice as much as i normally would. Its so difficult to tell if your shot is perfect in the camera’s view finder, and after getting home to download all the pictures many of the ones that i thought would be perfect came out slightly less than. I love the shallow depth of field that i’m getting, and the colors are really starting to pop when i adjusted the color tones of my pictures. This week in New York i should be coming back with gigs and gigs of new photographs with some that i’ll be proud enough to blow up to posters sizes to hang on my wall.

I’ve decided to upload these photos on my Flickr account in a 50mm set.

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