Finally i feel whole again. These past two weeks i’ve been internet-less while on move, and i realized how much my phone helps me when i’m out and about. Whether its checking work e-mails on the drive in, or checking traffic on the way out, i’ve found that its an necessary evil to keep me from falling behind on a day to day basis.  Especially since it made me realize i barely ever use the actual phone feature, but rely heavily on all the other apps on the phone.

I eventually found a seller on craigslist that was selling it for a price that was acceptable and local to either Cerritos or Santa Monica. Its pretty cool that this one is white so at least i feel like i got a new toy, rather than just paying a tax to get my original phone back. From now on i’m not fiddling around with anything while i’m in a taxi since now i’ve lost a camera and a phone in one.

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