I have to say Thank You to the best wife in the world for throwing me a birthday weekend i could’ve guessed. I thought it was going to be a pretty quiet weekend of some food, and maybe a drink or two. I was truly surprised when i got home from work at Joy had a present for me, the 50mm 1.8f lens that i’ve been looking at for a long while.  Later that night after a quick trip to Disneyland i got home and found that my sister flew down for the weekend to celebrate my big 3-0, and her bigger 3-4.




Saturday night we had dinner reservations at Josie in Santa Monica. Its small fancy restaraunt that i’ve been wanting to go to ever since i first moved into my SM apartment. We got to the area a little early so we went to Copa di Oro for a quick drink, then ate a nice meal with Ben and Tiffany. We then headed to the Golden Gopher and was just enjoying my time and then got completely surprised as friends and families kept arriving. I was quite drunk by midnight and we finished off the night with another bacon wrapped hotdog. Great night, great friends, and a great family.


Sunday Nina used a pair of tickets to disneyland that she got while working there 15 years go since our birthdays was actually today (Monday) and she couldn’t the day off. My other cousins with their kids met us there. Rides, Haunted Space Mountain, Spam Musubi and Wine make a memorable 8ish use of our annual pass.

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