Friday night Roland celebrated his 29th birthday at J Lounge in downtown LA. We all met up at his place at 10, then carpooled it over to the restaurant/club. The Cerritos Allstars were spinning on the dance floor and kept the good music playing. Lots of 90’s, and classic sance songs.

We drank and hung out until the place club closed down, basically until they kicked us out. We followed up all the drinking with bacon wrapped, then headed back to Roland’s apartment.

When we got there I sat on the couch and almost was asleep when more people came with Chinese food for 20 people it seemed like. So I had to wake up for my portion of walnut shrimp and noodles. I finished up, sat back on the couch and warned everyone that I was going to pass out and not to be alarmed when I start to snore. I think I was out in 5 minutes. Fun times indeed.

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