I admit that i gave up on photography for the past 2 years. I felt really discouraged as everyone got their own DSLR, and my old Rebel Xt coming up on 4 years old seems so ancient now. It also didn’t help that two years ago while on a trip to Hawaii i was fiddling around with one of the internal pieces that i accidentally popped out, and when i tried to place it back in with a pen, i streaked the entire screen with it.

I finally got around looking for a replacement and was surprised that it was pretty cheap just going straight to Canon and got my part for like 3 bucks ($6 for shipping). Now with my camera back to working order, i’m going to get re-dedicate myself into the photog artform. I’m thinking of investing in a 50mm 1.8f for next month’s trip to New York. So maybe i’ll finally learn how to really shoot a good photograph.

<— addendum —>

Aziz shared with me a few things as well.

Flickr 50mm 1.8f Group

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