9 am wakeup, 5 hours of cooking, 1 hour of clean up, and i’m drunk as hell. I walked into a wall and hurt my toes.

I have finally recovered after a crazy day of cooking, entertaining, drinking, and cleaning. The day started off with a bang, as i was by myself for the morning, with Joy joining me in the kitchen in the afternoon after she got off work. I felt like i was on an episode of Dinner Impossible having to feed approximately 25 adults and 5 kids, with a possible 15 extra guests who replied to the evite as a maybe. I had to write down all the things that needed to be made, and what time i was going to prep it. At one point i had potatoes boiling, cornbread baking, ribs in a parboil, and my hands wrist deep in ground beef. Everything that needed to be done got done, and by the time the guests arrive food was on the grill and the apps were on the table.

It was good to hang out with all the friends and get progressively drunker. So many kids in tow, and thankfully plenty of wives to watch over the kids … and the husbands. Everybody left by 7:30pm, and i was able to clean up, wash up, and get to sleep before 11.

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