The morning after crashing at Roland’s apartment, Joy and I already planned out our morning brunch at Grub just down the street on Seward. The restaurant is owned by Betty a contestant on Top Chef Season 2, and the place is nice, but nothing special. I really liked that they gave you a bowl of mixed cereal as a snack as you waited for your food, and i think that was the first time i’ve ever had cocopuffs.

The weather was scorching hot already by the time we finished up eating that we decided to head to Santa Monica to enjoy a 20° drop in temperature, but only made it half way there before we both needed a bathroom stop at the Beverly Center. I happened upon a store called Heritage and for some reason right when i saw it, i knew it was an offshoot of a Forever 21 brand. I have to say that i really like the place, because its just as cheap as H&M and the clothes don’t look like they’re for the hipsters of the world. I picked up a corduroy jacket and a l/s shirt for $40, and $25 respectively.

Instead of continuing our journey to Santa Monica we cut straight to Manhattan Beach because we were going to head to Long Beach with Jonathan and family for the funk fest happening on pine st. The Long Beach funkfest was fun, because we got to listen to some random bands while we had ate at a vietnamese restaurant and drank some beers. We made it back to Jonathan’s house to have some sausage, cheese and bread, and almost fell alseep at another person’s house, but made it out before i was unconscious.

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  1. It was fun and SUPER HOT! Loved the fact that we both had to make a POO stopover at the mall. ;p

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