The day before heading to Norcal I actually attended X Games 15 at the Staples center with Jonathan with the free passes we got for working on the media guide. The years before we only got normal seating tickets but this year we got hooked up with a Special Guest pass, along with a Media pass.


The Special Guest pass got us into a suite with a great view, free beer, wine, and hot appetizers. While looking for a place to snack on our food we actually got into the VIP area that had a whole nother level of luxury. Where we snacked on chicken wings and chips, this place had full on chicken dinners, and dessert bar. Later on we found out we weren’t actually allowed in there, because we got denied when we left and tried to go back. I always thought the Media had a pretty good deal, but really their life sucks probably worse than the normal ticketed guest. We got down to the basement to the Media room where its just got a bunch of round tables with journalists writing down their stories, and watching the games on what seemed like 13″ crts. The only snacks they get are some bagged chips and Gatorade. The only benefit is that they do get to some pretty impressive locations to do their photo shooting, but sometimes its like a battle in there.

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