Its amazing how free tickets to catch a screening of The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard at the Paramount Studios spur an entire days activities. I didn’t want to do a lot of driving back and forth to Cerritos and LA so we filled out day with what we could.

Joy and I started out our day by heading out to Alhambra to have dim sum for lunch with Joy’s mom. Next we went out to North Hollywood to do a little praying at the Thai temple, and i got to visit the Westfield Fashion Square is in Sherman Oaks which i remember driving by a few times when going to Disney Consumer Products for work a couple years ago.

Next we headed out to Ktown for a KBBQ festival to meet up with Ben and Tiffany to see what was going on over there. Just a bunch of Korean restaurants got together to show off what they could make, but it just looked like a bunch of long lines in the heat. Instead of spending $10 on a plate of food, we decided to go to Manna for $17 of all you can eat KBBQ. For dessert we went to MILK to get some toffee coffee ice cream.

Finally at 8 we made it over to Paramount Studios and entered through the main gates. We got escorted to a screening theater with some popcorn and soda. The theater took some time to fill as the more important people arrived and actually Dr. Ken did an opening monologue for the movie, and Alan Thicke was in attendance as he did have a very small role in the movie.

The movie itself illicited laughs from the crowd, and i thought it was good, but didn’t actually make me lol. Lots of quick one liners for the first half of the movie that had an ok plot that wasn’t completely contrived.

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