This month marks the one year point since i stopped playing basketball in my old WLA “league.” The second generation ACS crew invited me months ago to their Saturday afternoon basketball game at Long Beach State’s old Goldmine gym, and with Joy doing wedding shower stuff with her friends i took the opportunity to try out the old jump shot again. I was worried about my stamina so i even took a jog around campus for the fun of it, but when the first game finished thoughts of those 50 year olds dying from a heart attack on the court started to flash before my eyes. I ended up playing 4 games in about an hour and a half and was done.  I headed straight home for a western bacon cheeseburger, and a nap before going out later that night with Jonathan.


After a nice nap, Joy and I headed out to the Golden Gopher in downtown to grab a drink with Jonathan. It was a good thing we had a plan, because the nap could’ve ended up being a sleep. We got there basically when it opened at 8 and were the first ones there. We hung out having our drinks, just talking and watching the place progressively get more crowded. After about four drinks each, we headed outside to the taco truck for some “Mexican” tacos. Strange i know, especially with all these damn Korean taco trucks roaming the streets now a days. We filled up on some asada tacos, and a asada torta, and called it a night before it hit midnight and we all turned back into mice.

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