After a night of drinking and dancing we made Sunday a very slow day. Joy and I slept in of course, and eventually pulled ourselves out of bed to make breakfast before noon, then headed out to run some errands. I finally picked up some pictures i took with my Holga out on my honeymoon, and i forget how expensive learning how to shoot a camera with actual film can be. I think i’ve shot about five rolls of film and i’ve gotten maybe two good photos from it.

Since we were in Costa Mesa, i figured it was about time to head down to the Orange County swap meet. It was super bright, and hot out, and i forgot that all they sell there is $10 sunglasses, sundries, cell phone accessories, and furniture. Absolutely nothing worth my two bucks to get in.

Day 3

To finish off the day we headed to Disneyland for a late lunch at the Corn Dog cart, which i didn’t realize you can use your annual pass discount to get an additional 10% off your dog. Just a little mustard and ketchup, and we had a glorious meal on a stick. I’m seriously going to have to think about a top 25 list for a trip to disneyland.

I also learned that parking in east lot isn’t actually that bad. Normally i’m traveling from the North/West direction and never the South/East way so i wasn’t actually sure where to park at, but following the signs we ended up in a small lot in an area that used to be a minature golf course next to disneyland. This happening might be especially good to know during the busy times and it might actually be faster getting in and out of the area because it can shoot you pretty quickly onto the freeway.

1 thought on “Sun day on Sunday

  1. i didn’t know you get 10% off on corndogs!!!! awesome!!!!!!!

    we should all go some time…

    i tend to go sunday evenings 🙂

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