Joy and I took our annual trip up to norcal for another round of eating, and drinking with the sister. After getting picked up from the airport we had to make a stop down in mountain view to surprise my cousin’s surprise birthday party. She was initally surprised when i my sister came up from behind her, but literally had her eyes pop out when she saw us behind my sister. I had to keep it under double secret probration by not blogging, twitter’ing, or facebooking my plans for the weekend. It was the only reason i went up, but i happened to be sitting my sister when she got the evite about the party.


Saturday morning we woke up and walked down embarcadero to the ferry building for the morning farmers market. We grabbed some coffee and some pastries and sampled some of foods there, and thats where it went bad. We stumbled upon an indian food stand, and sampled some of their pouched dinner meals, and they actually tasted pretty good, but i started getting the funny in my mouth and sure enough there happened to be peanuts in the cilantro chutney that they guy offered me. There’s nothing worse than trying to be civil way up puking my guts out, in a crowded shopping area. I originally went to the bathroom but the place was full, and eventually asked the bathroom attended for a plastic bag, walked around the building and puked in a nice quiet spot by myself. Now i know to not to trust any body offering free food, especially the indians.

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